Time to Change

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From time to time I get bored. And I get the feeling it’s time to change. I get sick of the same-old hair cut, the same old things, and the same-old blog…Reinvention is one of my millennial prerogatives, and I want to embrace it once more.

For a while, this site and everything around it overwhelmed me. All the social media, all the explicit and implicit. It became a creative drain, utterly uninspiring.

I got tired. I needed a break from the virtual construction of a self, my plot of digital space on the vast matrix of anonymity.

Now, I want to give it another go, from a less exhausting perspective. Leave the world-building to others. I want to write little pieces of creative breakthroughs for myself and anybody who happens upon them.

The fact is, none of us need the matrix in here to enjoy the matrix out there. And that one feels much more rewarding, feels much more like real living anyway. Click To Tweet

Feel like discussing your own matrix theoria? leave me your nugget in a comment below!

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