Hi! I’m Gaba, your bilingual writer, editor and social media coach.

What I offer is personalized copy for your business or start-up, writing, editing, translating as well as management of content for your profiles and sites.

I’ve been in the HR and communications department for over 10 years and know the power of well crafted documents, manuals, business plans, presentations, press releases, web and social content, as the way to gain leverage to grow your, credibility, influence and client base.

I want to make this passion and value work for you!

If you want to know more about my education, expertise, personal and professional background, you can check out my Resume or Portfolio.

Why bilingual? because…

  • A diverse and globalize world speaks more than one language.
  • You are missing out on the opportunity to take your words, research, articles and social content to new audiences in all Spanish speaking markets.