My bilingual content creation services are geared toward professionals, businesses, and entrepreneurs in the creative industries.

Yes, you are looking to expand the reach of your brand and business to the Spanish speaking markets and engage with your Spanish speaking audience around the world.

Services can be customized for your individual needs as a professional, business owner, social media manager, or creative entrepreneur.

Digital Content Creation Services Overview:

  • Translations:
    • Translation of Web Pages and Social Posts (English/Spanish)
    • Translation of Company Onboarding Materials (English/Spanish)
  • Content Creation for social and company live events:
    • Copy and design of Promotional Materials in English and Spanish

How to start working with me?

Specific projects that I may write, edit or translate:

  • Resumes / CV (1-2 pages)
  • Business Plans (35 pages of text)
  • HR Manuals (35 pages of text) / other Onboarding or Training Materials:
    • 1checklist/workflow
    • 1 company’s culture flyer/brochure
    • 1 guide (1-3 pages)
    • Relevant forms (3-5))
  • Business Literature/ Promotional Materials:
    • Text and design for 1-2 flyers/brochures
    • 1-2 business cards, and postcards
    • Text, and design of one banner
  • Presentations (10-20 slides of content and design)
  • Video / Audio Transcripts (up to 30 minutes of audio)
  • Blog Post (up to 3,000 w.)
  • Social Content (amount of copy will vary according to the social platform of choice)
  • Email Content:
    • 1 welcome email
    • 1 email campaign (up to 5 emails)
  • Event-related Materials:
    • Copy for 1-2 even flyers (digital and print)
    • 1 press-release up to 400 w.

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