10 Creative Side Hustle Ideas for Writers

Are you overlooking the power of being a creative writer? Creative side hustle ideas abound. For many years I neglect to look into them to explore my passions and ended up feeling an uncomfortable frustration that came from within. If you are a writer having any or all of those strong emotional reactions, this post


Become a Freelancer Without Jumping All In

There’s people out there, companies, teams, private individuals looking for solutions, solutions they cannot manufacture, solutions they might not even see. They are willing and able to pay you, pay the freelancer, to bring those solutions to life. Could they sit down, and find the solutions themselves? They could. Could they find someone on their

Top 3 Strategies for The Artist-Maker

For this Creative ID series‘ post, let’s start diving deeper into the many creative identities that are out there. We’ll begin with that of the Artist-Maker. As other creative entrepreneurs, the artist-maker is driven to create. His craft is not only a hobby but a passion that permeates all aspects of his life. He creates