What’s New at The Creative Market?

This week I’m having fun with a box-full of elements to play with… The Epic Collage Maker is an eclectic collection that offers touches of whimsy to accessorized your creations. A wiggly line can truly be a well of inspiration. An old polaroid can frame a simple vision. A piece of paper, rough around the

Favorite Creative Tools Roundup

I’ve had a lot of fun trying new things to make blogging more fun. These are some of my favorite creative tools to enhance your projects, blog and brand. Creative Tool #1: BeFunky This free editing platform helped me customize the visual content. Its filters, fonts, and overlays add an authentic touch to the stock

3 Simple Creative Tactics

As creatives, there’s no short amount of obstacles and excuses we can’t come up with. From lack of time, money, and inspiration, the list can become long and depleting. If you haven’t got that creative ball rolling on your dream projects this year, here’s a list of three tactics that have helped us to get

Roundup of Favorites, Insights, Discoveries

Every day, every week and month is full of potential discoveries. I want to wrap up a month of progress with a roundup of my favorite products, insights, discoveries and creative milestones. Here we go! Favorites:  Milano Sky for an accent font Pexels for visual inspiration Trello for visual organization Instagram for creative connections Creative

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

I might be an author of written books, but I’m also a very visual person. I know the value of an image, be it on the cover of a book or inside a family album. Creativity for Lasting Memories Our everyday life is filled with flashing moments, passing smiles, small discoveries. Those memories get so