What’s This?

I’m a millennial creative motivated by my own curiosity. After working on a series of blogs about my multiple interests, from creative content, to lifestyle, urban art and entrepreneurship I decided to mesh all my likes into one virtual hub of ideas for like-minded folks. Whether you define yourself as a creative or not, the point is you are! we all are. In here you’ll get weekly posts with inspiration to feel as creative as you want while applying an entrepreneurial mindset the work we do and the creative life we lead.

Around here…We are creative thinkers.

We are inquisitive about creativity, the ways it can help enhance the richness and aesthetics of our daily life, as well as point us toward innovative solutions to concrete human problems.

More about me? I’m Gaba, a creative content writers, self-published author, freelance content creator, personal brand enthusiast, and urbanite. If you share any of these areas of interest connect with me here!

Want to join the creative confidential team? Check out the Style Guide and send me your #collab proposal to gabagotay@mail.com