This creative hub is a mash up of a blog with writing resources, ideas, tips, confessions and more, as well as my portfolio of writing, editing and coaching services.

The Creative Confidential is the name of the blog and everything related to it will be posted on our Facebook page. The Creative Atelier is the place where we’ll work together to hone in on concepts, plan out your story and bring forth the narrative you’re trying to put into words, write on that essay, add to your blog or social copy. You can join me at my creative atelier no matter where you are in the world.

The services I offer through the creative atelier are fully bilingual.

You’ll also find blog posts, information and inspiration in English + Spanish.

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Where can you follow and find what the Creative Atelier is up to?

Instagram: @Creative_Atelier (use the #UrCre8ive)

Twitter: @Cre8iveAtelier

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