Don’t let content creation be “el Limón” of your existence!

My profile picture

Hi! I’m Gaba, a bilingual digital content creator, indie author, freelance writer & editor. Let me tell you about me…

After graduating from college and getting my MA in English, I spent the next 10 years working in HR.

I know first hand the power that well-crafted content can have on basic human interactions and connections. Web and social content have intensified the power of “story” in business.

In this digital and globalized world, content is the way to gain leverage, grow your credibility, influence and reach.

What can I help you with?

Your website, profiles, and business will benefit from content that connects and tells a story, in more than one language.

That’s where I come in. What I offer is personalized digital content for your brand, business or start-up. Writing, editing and translation services, plus content creation, editing, and translation of physical promotional corporate events and onboarding materials.

I want to make my passion for content creation work for you!

Want to know more about my education, expertise, personal and professional background? Visit my resume or Portfolio.

And…Why Bilingual? Because…

  • A diverse and globalize world speaks more than one language.
  • You are missing out on the opportunity to take your story to new audiences in Latin America and other Spanish speaking markets.