My content creation services are geared toward professionals, businesses and entrepreneurs looking to expand their reach to the Spanish speaking markets and engage with Spanish speaking audiences around the world.

Services can be customized for your individual needs as a professional, business owner, social media manager or entrepreneur.

Digital Content Creation Services Overview:

  • Translations:
    • Translation of Web Pages and Social Posts (English/Spanish)
    • Translation of Company On-boarding Materials (English/Spanish)
  • Content Creation for Live Events and Promotional Materials

Specific projects that I may write, edit or translate:

  • Resumes / CV
  • Business Plans
  • HR Manuals / On-boarding or Training Materials
  • Business Literature/ Promotional Materials
  • Presentations
  • Video / Audio Transcripts
  • Journal Articles
  • Social Content
  • Email Content
  • Event-related Materials (including press-release)