We’ve begun a new project toward which we are focusing all our creative effort. The unforeseen consequence will be less frequent posts and content shared on this site. To lead a mindful business we have to give it our full attention, and for that reason, we must make the difficultContinue Reading

For the love of making books I’m always excited about book creation and the prospect of trying a new self-publishing tool or platform. Partnering with Blurb Books I was giving the opportunity to try their book-making platform BookWright. It took me around two weeks from conception to submission and publication.Continue Reading

Simona’s New Friend is the third installment of the bilingual children book series Simona’s Adventures.  What is this bilingual book series about? Simona was the little character that pushed me into self-publishing three years ago. Ever since the illustrator, Mariel Garcia, sent me the draft of Simona I knew IContinue Reading

In light of the recent news surrounding Facebook’s shady involvement in the data-mining scandal, a question has become more relevant than ever, what responsibility do we have to our clients and followers as creative entrepreneurs? When creativity sparks a business venture and the creation becomes a business itself we noContinue Reading

Every day, every week and month is full of potential discoveries. I want to wrap up a month of progress with a roundup of my favorite products, insights, discoveries and creative milestones. Here we go! Favorites:  Milano Sky for an accent font Pexels for visual inspiration Trello for visual organizationContinue Reading


In this #Vlog you’ll hear me talk briefly about the concept of The Orange Economy. As I dive deeper into the world of the creative industries, the disruption at its core fascinates me. Here’s one of the possible definitions, according to the book The Orange Economy: The creative economy (orangeContinue Reading

I might be an author of written books, but I’m also a very visual person. I know the value of an image, be it on the cover of a book or inside a family album. Creativity for Lasting Memories Our everyday life is filled with flashing moments, passing smiles, smallContinue Reading