The Creative Confidential

This blog is a repository of ideas about and around literature, art, and culture, the pillars of human creation and creativity. The power of individual and collective human self-expression, passion, vision, and ingenuity of spirit is what you’ll find exalted here.

This blog is about creativity in its multitude of forms and iterations. Is a showcase of ideas and aspirations. A collection of anything and everything that catches the inquisitive eye of the blogger.

This blog is for the humble yet sophisticated amateur, the literary wanderer and art lover, the admirer of living cultures, changing aesthetics, and beliefs.

This blog is confidential because the relationship we have with literature, art and culture is ultimately a very intimate experience. The world we enhance and enrich with our experience of these “things” is, or should be, an ever expanding inner world.

Even as we share the experience of enjoying, living, and making art, Art needs solitude, silence, to communicate its deeper, most meaningful, and even profound message for you alone.