The overall tone of this site and blog’s content is casual and relaxed.

The aim is to convey useful, entertaining and relevant information in a positive way.

We are not afraid to voice controversial opinions and talk about disruptive subjects, but always with respect toward those we might differ with, and with the best interest of our readers, collaborators, partners, and affiliates in mind.

Starting on Jan 2020, the average length of our pieces is 1,000-3,000 words. Larger pieces could be divided into a two or three part series, depending on length.

We can also ask for edits if we deem the content could be shortened for accuracy and effectiveness.

Branding Specifications:

You may refer to the site as The Creative Confidential blog, The Creative Atelier, @CreativeConfidential and @CreativeAtelier on Facebook, @CreativeAtelier on Instagram and @Cre8iveAtelier on Twitter.

Every contributor or team member is creative in its own right. We want you to add your own voice and personal brand to the pieces you contribute to the blog.

Creative Confidential promo codes and Gabriela Gotay publishing products will have short-links for you to add to your pieces. You may request that we add those links to the final review and approval stage.