Here’s the catalog of free videos, workshops, and tutorials about content writing and content creation.

Content Writing – Workshop (ESP)

Workshop available in Spanish. A total of 5 videos (1 hr 18 min long.)

Content Creation Bundle (ENG)

A series of tutorials about the 3 tools in the content creation bundle. A total of 4 videos. (33 min long.)

What’s Content? (ENG)

One video tutorial about content and the basics of a content strategy. (9 min long.)

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As an educator, I love to be able to communicate and share my thoughts, strategies, resources, and tools with you.

The goal is to inspire you to design and produce content that tells the narrative of your brand and business while adding value to the worldwide web.

The topics of these and future workshops, videos and tutorials will revolve around content creation, content writing, copy, editing, publishing, and translation.

I will also use this platform to touch on the subject of empathy, which from my perspective is one of the pillars of content and human communication as a whole.

If you have a subject in mind and would like to know my take on it, let me know! You can leave me your topic of interest in a comment below or send it via email to hello@thecreativeconfidential.com.