Is Blogging For Me?

As we talked about in a previous post about reasons to start blogging now, a blog is an invaluable resource for the creative entrepreneur. It’s your platform, your virtual home, the place where you welcome your audience, followers, clients, and offer them a little more of you. As a creative, you might have come up

How to Start A Creative Journal?

Journaling is a invaluable tool for any creative. People have kept journals through extra-ordinary situations, as part of intuitive self-healing practices. We have to believe their journals was an essential part of what kept them from falling into despair, inaction. Journals are outlets for the soul, the mind. Blank pages can be filled with words, sketches,

What Are You Manifesting?

Our creative paths are built one mindful stone at a time. Sometimes our paths must be built over difficult terrain, and each stone must be manifested from the sand. As we sometimes do when we listen to our favorite Youtubers for inspiration, yesterday we wrote down an interesting word: Manifesting. One of the definitions of

How To Find The Balance Between Consuming and Creating?

Confession: I consume great quantities of content on a daily basis…pretty normal. But after a while, I realized, instead of feeling energized and inspired, I was feeling drained and exhausted! How am I working on striking the right balance between consuming content and creating? Doing a better job at keeping negative, unnecessary content at bay.

Which Was The First Novel I Wrote Through CreateSpace?

Confession: I needed an easy, seamless way to create my first novel, to get myself over that hurdle. In this vlog I want to share a little more about Sweet Abigail, the first novel I published using the CreateSpace self-publishing platform. Advantages: User-friendly platform Basic templates and layouts Easy cover design features Print of demand

How To Overcome Negativity From Others?

It’s difficult to swim against the current. It’s specially difficult to fight against the negative tide of other people’s fears, anxieties, failures and mistakes projected onto us. As difficult as it is, negativity from others is part of the creative process. As creatives we will have ideas, visions, projects that other people simply won’t understand.

3 Simple Steps to Avoid Feeling Lazy

We’re currently working on an upcoming podcast episode about laziness. Because, at one time or another we have all felt lazy and sluggish. It’s important to remember that down-time is good for the mind and inspiration. We don’t have to be actively engage in an activity or project all the time. But when that lazy

Which Self-Publishing Platforms Do I Use?

Hi! It’s Gaba Someone recently asked on Quora about self-publishing platforms, and I thought it would make for a good first self-publishing vlog. From the beginning I’ve used for print on demand and KDP for digital. I find these are user-friendly platforms, with templates, layouts and designs for beginner authors to get started quickly.