Quitting Today: 3 Reasons Not To Do It

Today is one of those days when you feel like getting all your bits and pieces together and going out the door. A day when whatever unknowns out there seems better than what’s in here. I get it. Today you might be feeling quitting is definitely the answer. Stop! When emotions are running high and

3 Easy Ways to Hustle at Work and Life

The first book I ever read that opened my millennial mindset to the word hustle was Spark and Hustle by Tory Johnson. Before that book, I had only learned to hustled in college and graduate school, making my time there an opportunity for personal ego-building achievements that don’t count that much in the real world.

Millennial: 5 Ways You Can Compete at Work

As we were growing up, we were all repeatedly told about the things we could accomplish, if we only set our bright millennial minds to it. I don’t believe we were lied to, but our parents and teachers certainly left some key information out. They gave us shiny participation awards, they made us believe it

Overthinking Never Accomplishes Anything

It’s all about the doing. But I’m all about the thinking! or rather about the overthinking. I could spend bottomless hours diving deeper and deeper into my own thoughts. Aimless contemplation has been a preferred pastime since childhood. I studied English Literature because it combined the luxury of reading, writing and thinking by myself for

5 Ways to Stand for What You Believe at Work

What do you stand for? That’s one foundational question you must take time to ask yourself, because what you stand for dictates what you believe in from the core of your being, what values and principles guide your life, what are you willing and ready to do, when and where do you draw your line