Hit Record for Collaboration

From the creative mind of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his team sprang the concept of a collective of online freelance creators, with the aim to promote collaboration across all fields, interests and skills. HitRecord functions as a production company based on a crowd-sourced model. Artists, actors, musicians, designers, photographers, creatives of all kinds are welcomed to

Who is the Educational Creative?

To be an engaging educator you have to be creative. You might not see yourself as an educator. But you definitely are if you: Are passionate about sharing your knowledge or experience through any online or offline channel. Are, a born or learned communicator. Are adding value to others by exposing them to information and

April Favorites Roundup

Before we can greet another creative month, let’s review some of the tools and experiences we enjoyed the most in April. In no particular order 😉 Book Fairs. The month of April signaled the beginning of book fair season. We love following the progress of local and international book fairs through social media. This year,

3 Tactics To Boost Creative Momentum

Ok, so we’ve had the breakthrough idea, we’ve experienced the inspiring aha moment that propelled us toward a new project. That intense feeling, that rush of creativity is powerful and unique, but with the same intensity it comes, it goes. How can we capture some of its magic for longer? How can we boost our