Ready to Sharpen those Communication Skills?

Creative leaders need to find assertive ways to communicate their vision. No matter how innovative or game-changing an idea might be, if it comes out of us poorly expressed it will lay flat on the floor, it will not reach the emotional core of our audience or engage its intellect or curiosity in any way.

Get Inspired by Your Wanderlust

Who doesn’t want a good excuse to take a road trip, search for a weekend getaway or a summer escapade? What better opportunity to create memories and be inspired by the adventure and the people you share it with? Whether we travel far and wide or simply reach the other side of our neighborhood, we

Self-Care Kits, Tips and Tricks for Creatives

This post was inspired by CrateJoy #SelfCareSunday recent campaign. Let start with a bold statement: Self-care is crucial for creativity to flourish and more importantly, for the creator to endure and thrive despite the ups and downs of the creative process itself. The way we care for ourselves should be unique and authentic to our

Who Doesn’t Like a Freebie?

When Mondays roll around there’s one thing that has become a great motivator; getting the Free Goods of Week email from the CreativeMarket. This week my favorite free goodie, hands down, has to be the Roka PowerPoint Template by TempLabs. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. At the #TCCpress we are working

Write It Out Loud and Heal Your Soul

The Self-Healing Power of Writing. There are mindful activities that connect us with a sense of self, unattainable through anything else. Music, artistic expressions, dance, painting, drawing, writing, we do this naturally, almost unaware of the power they hold on our very human soul. As a writer, I’m drawn to the written word to relieve