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This past week was one of those when I felt creative to the bone.

So I want to share with you some of my creative small wins, to inspire your own. I’m inspired by my collaboration with Wanderella and the empowering message of her graphic designs.

  • I did a little of everything and managed to touch every single one of my ongoing projects (queue the confetti).
  • Jumped off script by going to the local art museum at night for a late-night master class with the director of Elsa & Fred (the Spanish edition).
  • Spoke to strangers and gave unsolicited advice, talked about art, history, and literature, and even managed to side-hustled more of my children books into the aforementioned museum (MAPR).
Truly, a great creative week is defined by the number of small wins we achieve, the number of steps we can take forwards, counting even the steps backward. Click To Tweet

I say, when the glass is completely empty, it’s full of possibilities.

To achieve small wins that make our weeks end on a positive note:

  1. Don’t wait around for something to happen. Make things happen.
  2. Don’t ask for permission or give explanations if you don’t feel like talking.
  3. Be willing to fill the gaps in your story with possibilities to be revealed on a later chapter.
  4. Take every opportunity to make a scene, a fuss or a mess as it comes.

PS: I want to share a storytelling resource.

I recently came across an informal survey that asked creatives and entrepreneurs if they had ever considered writing a book, and every answer was a form of Yaass! From those working on their first or lastest manuscript to those with only an idea and a dream. If you happen to be one of those creatives, entrepreneurs, professionals with a story bursting at the seams:

(*Offer valid through September 18th, 2018)

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