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Gio Camacho is on a mission to deconstruct personal branding as we know it and remake the concept, not just with a human face but a human heart.

I met this creative at a recent local expo. He was there to support clients and colleagues, promote creative industries and do what he does best, connect with others through sheer authenticity. He is the face and heart behind his marketing and branding model of humanized products and services.

We all know the saying what you see is what you get

But were most use it as an excuse for mediocre behavior, bad habits, unkempt physical appearance and lack of social skills, this creative advocates for a radical mind-shift. Gio’s personal ministry is to take that maxim, turn it on its head and into a mantra for the everyday professional. Because, if what we see is what we get, then shouldn’t we see you, and so, shouldn’t you care for and cultivate your authentic image?

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What you see in me should align with who I am, what I offer, my level of expertise, the final product. We are part of the package. We can either accept that and adjust, or we can let other less-than-but-with-spot-on-presence reach the fans, take the projects, take the lead. By neglecting or refusing to assess the image we project into the world we are letting ourselves down, our fans down, our industry down.

Are we saying you have to change yourself? lose your identity? to please the market and get the followers? No. But maybe an honest self-assessment is in order. Maybe your authentic reinvention is what’s missing.

Humanized Branding in a Nutshell:

Be less like something and more like someone. -Gio Camacho

  1. Humanized your image. Visually sell the idea of the expected quality of service. Make the light shine on your clients. Make every member of your team, every aspect of your product or service part of the story.
  2. Humanized your approach. There’s no way around it, social media and social networks are key to any personal, professional or business growth. Pick the right channels. And remember users/followers are savvy, they will quickly realize if “you” are not actually “there”.
  3. Humanized your language. No more robotic monotones. No Doctoral degree is needed to understand your message. It’s time to be approachable and kind, professional and personal. #nottoonottoo #balance
  4. Humanized your personality. Personality and authenticity are what make us as clients connect with you and your business. Don’t be afraid to be you and show us who you are with honesty and sincerity. #behuman

Gio is spreading his branding revolution @GioCamacho on Twitter & IG @GioCamachoMedia on Fbk & SnapChat @gio.camacho #Vamoallá

Find out more about humanized branding at giocamacho.com

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