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Are we all meant to be that urban, edgy creator, disrupting the streets with thought-provoking murals?

Or that bohemian creator walking, with easel and canvas in hand, or a guitar strapped to her back, heading out into the wilderness?

Are we all meant to be changing landscapes with our colossal structures or re-imagining everyday life with new technology?

For us, creativity is a state of mind. It’s an innate human inclination as much as a working habit. It’s both a muscle that needs flexing and a calling that needs to be heard and answered.

Creativity doesn’t have to involve great accomplishments. Creativity is a way to embrace everyday life, a way to face our ups and downs, overcome obstacles and find solutions.

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As Gaba mentioned on a recent #vlog, as creatives, there’s a multitude of roads we can follow. However, to create anything, we have to commit to one; eventually, we have to choose.

The point of choosing is learning and understanding our rhythm, the way we create and why.

We can dabble in many things, be curious and follow inspiration wherever it leads us. But at some point, for creation to happen, we have to pick a core creative path. From there, we can freely explore all others.


As in everything else in life, it’s okay to look for and find inspiration in the paths others have followed or made for themselves. Then we have to put in the work to make our own.

Here’re a few questions to get to the core of your creative style:

Are you a daily creative?

You create every day, for business or pleasure. You have a daily creative routine or creative structure in place and you rely on it.

Are you a seasonal creative?

You create when inspiration strikes, and you are ready for it. The in-between time is for developing your skills, to learn and incorporate new ideas, take classes, explore your world, travel.

Are you a morning creative?

You rise up early and generate your best ideas in the morning. Afternoons and nights are left for exploration, buffering and reset.

Are you a night-owl creative?

You feel your best in the quiet of twilight. Silence soothes and inspires you. Daytime is left for learning planning and exploring.

Are you a day-job creative?

You are that problem-solver and creative thinker that comes up with out of the box solutions and fascinates everyone with her innovative presentations.

The lists of creative styles could go on and on. As long as someone out there incorporates creativity into his life in a unique, authentic way, the stereotype of the creative will forever be shattered.

The important thing is to embrace our own creative style, without trying to copy or negatively compare our own to anybody else’s.

What’s your creative style? Share in the comments!


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