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It seems fitting to inaugurate the re-birth of The Creative Confidential Blog by answering this recent #Quora #Question: Why You Should Be Blogging In 2018? with a post.

The up-voted answer was originally shared by marketing expert Matt Brennan from the Business2Business Community. Inspired by his on-the-nose answer, I want to add my two cents.

3 reasons in the form of a question:

Why Not Have a Presence?

We are not even close to the limits of the web and its integration with everyday human life. Whether we like it or not, we’ll only keep expand our digital lives.

Why not carve and cultivate a little plot of virtual ground for your brand? Swap from your mind the negative belief that you are late to the party, the phat-lady hasn’t even begun her dress rehearsal.

Why Not Raise Our Voice?

You spread your message around in social media, in tweet-sized bits, larger FB mumblings, and Instagram pics. You hashtag your feelings away. You’re already sharing information about you, opinions, ideas.

A blog, your blog, is the virtual real estate where all those messages come together in a cohesive voice. Your voice. Your blog is the place where the audience you’ve gathered all around, come to find out more about you, your style and what you have to say.

What If  We Display Our Difference?

A blog, your blog, is a space where you can spread your creative wings and fly. Sure, social media profiles can be customized, but a blog can showcase your identity and authenticity on a whole new level.

Displaying what we are all about overtly can be a scary thing to do. But it’s the only way to connect in a meaningful way with others and at the very least be sure we’re being true to ourselves.

Vulnerability is the threshold all creative entrepreneurs must cross, every day. Click To Tweet

Hope these reasons might encourage you to start your blogging journey today 😉


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