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Why should we feel any measure of shame when we decide to change paths, careers, relationships?

Does life always stay the same?

Does anybody’s life trajectory is truly linear?

No, our lives’ stories (like the best stories) have twists and turns. We move forward and step back, recalculate, go again. We might aim straight at an ideal target, we might have a plan, but the road presents its own challenges and unexpected surprises. Those who adapt, not only survive but thrive. 

Keep this as a personal mantra: You are an ever-evolving being.

You have the power to reinvent yourself

In fact, it’s your prerogative, as a creator, as a human being. So what if you started out as a painter and now shifted to become a mechanical engineer? What if you began as a writer and along the way you discovered your love for design? So what if you have multiple interests and want to pursue an eclectic dream?

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And when the pressures from outside and the voice from within (fear) starts nagging you to make up your mind already! remember: the creature that refused reinvention is no longer around.

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