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Because at one time or another we have all felt lazy and sluggish.

It’s important to remember that downtime is good for the mind and inspiration. We don’t have to actively engage in an activity or project all the time. But when that lazy feeling is making us feel uncomfortable, we should listen.

According to two different Psychology Today’s articles, the core of the issue is lack of motivation.

Here are 3 simple actions you can take to move beyond laziness and lessen its power over your creative mind:

1. Celebrate Yourself. Be your own cheerleader and exercise the power of intrinsic motivation with every tiny accomplishment. Sing yourself a song, reward you with idle time, or with a buffer activity you enjoy.
2. Find a project or activity that you really care about. Shed the rest. As the experts in these articles say, if you don’t care you won’t do it, or it will take longer and be more painful. But how different does it feel when we do something that’s meaningful to us! It feels wonderful and there’s not enough time in the day to keep working at it. Do that!
3. Rethink the activities or tasks you cannot eliminate. Find creative ways to accomplish and celebrate a task or job you feel no motivation at all to do, but still have to do. Money and fame are well and good, but even wealthy people and Hollywood stars need something else.

The spark that fuels the best is an ever-lasting and evolving search for new ways of doing the same things, new angles, new perspectives, new rhythms and new problems to solve.


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