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The Creative Market is one of my favorite platforms to find design inspiration and after reading this it will be one of yours too.

I’m always looking for ways to enhance the professional look and feel of this blog. One of my on-going projects is to develop a mini-course of my own.

To promote the course, add value to it and make it more fun and interactive for future students, it’s recommended to include some type of downloadable resources. As an educator, I know the value of engaging content and love putting together this sort of material.

However, creating the workbooks and worksheets that go along with an online course from scratch takes much of the mental energy and creativity that should go into course creation.

Of course, if you have the time, tools and inspiration, by all means, do it all yourself. But a new project like this can be quite overwhelming, on top of everything else you have to do. That’s why I advocate the launch of minimum viable products, and our strategy has always been to find the path of least resistance to actually bring your creative ideas to fruition.

The goal is to get over the initial hurdle, with a seamless, simple yet professional product. The bells and whistles will have their moment to shine as “add-on” for later versions of the product, or better yet, will be slowly added to new products in the future, as we get more comfortable, learn from experience and grow.

I spent a couple of days perusing the digital shelves at the Creative Market. In the process I compiled a collection of e-book, e-course and workbook templates here:

Powered by Creative Market

I picked the e-book and e-course bundle by Boss Toolkits because it gave me the two templates I needed for the complete course resources I was looking for. Additionally, it was offered in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Word.

** This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase using these links we’ll make a small commission. We only partner with and promote products and services we believe in. We do not encourage any purchase that does not feel right to you, your budget or your creative entrepreneurial goals.**

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