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Before we can greet another creative month, let’s review some of the tools and experiences we enjoyed the most in April.

In no particular order 😉

Book Fairs.

The month of April signaled the beginning of book fair season. We love following the progress of local and international book fairs through social media. This year, for a second time, we got book fair fever and exhibited our bilingual publications at the Puerto Rico International Book Fair. Another one of our favorites The Madrid International Book Fair opens at the end of next month! Book fairs offer great book-hunting opportunities and interaction with authors of all ages and backgrounds. If you have a favorite book fair or want to promo your local book fair, share your pic and tag us on Fbk @CreativeConfidential.


As we are always looking to improve our organizational skills and the way we run this site and plan other projects, we keep finding value in Trello. There’s so much one can do with the platform that at first it may seem overwhelming, but we’re getting the hang of it. To reduce overwhelm, it’s best to start with simple layouts and simple tactics. Bells and whistles come with experience, and experience might even prove, as it has time and time again, that less is more.

At the moment we have 11 boards, which include cards for ideas we’re working on, individual projects and also big picture goals and personal dreams for this year.


It has never been so easy to engage with another language. This month, Duolingo has help Gaba keep her love of French alive. Formal classes are part of a greater commitment to developing our skills and opening up our minds to other cultures. However, taking a course might put a strain on our budget that it’s not ready for. Duolingo is the app that bridges the gap. On a daily basis, this fun and engaging free app provides the opportunity to interact with the language you love, learn a new word or concept, feel progress is being made and achieve a small win.

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