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Ok, so we’ve had the breakthrough idea, we’ve experienced the inspiring aha moment that propelled us toward a new project. That intense feeling, that rush of creativity is powerful and unique, but with the same intensity it comes, it goes. How can we capture some of its magic for longer? How can we boost our creative momentum past the point of the initial creative force?

Let’s explore these scenarios:

  • The project has been completed, the work published, the chapter closed…now what?
  • The idea is not hatching like it was supposed to, you feel doubt and worry creeping in…now what?

It’s all about Direction and Speed.

Just like Newton’s Cradle, the momentum gathered with one single creative push will eventually reach its limits. If we stop, it stops. But if we keep pulling back the tiny silver sphere and releasing it in forward motion, if we keep hitting the priorities we’ve lined in front of us steadily, they will, in turn, propel their creative energy back to us.

How To Boost our Creative Momentum?

  1. Nurture your creative mind and cultivate the habit of onward learning.
  2. Avoid burnout by scheduling time to rest your mind and body.
  3. Keep your small (& big) wins visible and review your progress daily.

We’ll dive deeper into these 3 tactics in upcoming posts…


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