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For the past two weeks, I’ve been experimenting with Blurb Bookwright. I wasn’t familiar with the platform, so I watched their step-by-step beginner tutorials. I realized they’ve been around the self-publishing scene for over ten years, improving their platform, products, and services.

As self-publishers, we are book creators. From the content to the layout, design and distribution.

And for every new project, I encourage my fellow authors to explore the other book-creation platforms. Because each book project has its needs, we might be aiming for something different, and we should take advantage of the opportunities to create, for the love of making books.

For my first blurb project, I began small. This is what I recommend to all writers do, especially when starting a new project in a new platform. The point of a simple, small project is to get to know the platform’s basic interface and tools without the unnecessary overwhelm of a massive body of work.

What did I create?

I went with Blurb’s Trade Book option, a format and concept I hadn’t seen on other self-publishing platforms. I was intrigued to see how I might make this format my own.

After a little brain-storming and deliberation, I settled for a small book of ten short-essays or personal reflections inspired by my experience of couple-hood. These I paired with stock-photos that represent the core emotion of each reflection. I wanted to add images to test the customization settings, options and the resolution of the final product (results coming up).

Stay tuned for an upcoming post where I will share a breakdown of my process!

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Recommended resources:

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