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For this Creative ID series‘ post, let’s start diving deeper into the many creative identities that are out there. We’ll begin with that of the Artist-Maker.

As other creative entrepreneurs, the artist-maker is driven to create. His craft is not only a hobby but a passion that permeates all aspects of his life. He creates art that has a function outside of his own pleasure and satisfaction, art that is useful, wearable. Art that stands for a higher perception of beauty. Art that improves life in an aesthetic or functional way.

The category of “artist-maker” might sound redundant; as an artist “does” she, in fact, “makes”, yet, we must go beyond the surface. Not all artists are makers, and not all makers are artists. The Artist-Maker creates with a bigger picture in mind.

What sets you as the Artist-Maker apart?

  • You design, create, display and distribute Tangible Goods. These are things that people can use and which provide an aesthetic or practical solution.
  • Your work is geared toward a Target Market. This is a particular audience or followers interested and willing to buy the tangible goods for their own personal use.
  • You have Selling Channels/Selling Funnel in place. This entails a strategy to market and distribute that which you create/make to retailers or directly to your target audience.

Those characteristics also make of the Artist-Maker a creative entrepreneur. Someone with a talent or a skill put to use in the production of material things that enhance people’s lives. Products made not just for art but profit. A profit that secures the continuation of his art, his growth, and livelihood.

What are the top 3 strategies for the Artist-Maker?

  1. Focus What You Do or Specialization. One thing with high-quality over many things that feel ordinary. Are you a painter, what’s your style? what’s the story that you are telling? what’s one thing that sets your paintings apart?
  2. Focus Who You Sell To or Ideal Customer. You don’t sell to everybody. Hone in one particular individual. Who is she? What does she care for most? What is she looking for? How does your art help her? Why would she pay for what you offer?
  3. Focus Your Efforts or Community. Artist-Makers have always relied on a community of followers, fans, and patrons. Build a community for the people that support you. Share your story and art authentically, and they will help you spread it forward.

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