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Is necessity the mother of all invention?

The term deprivation encompasses lack or denial of material benefits considered to be basic necessities.

In most under-developed countries around the world, this denial comes from the very institutions that are supposed to provide their citizen’s opportunities to access better standards of living.

Our recent dive into the creative industries, and the creative approach to the economy being embraced all through Latin America has shed light on the fact that bodies and minds under pressure, struggle, and strife have a need to come up with creative solutions and unexpected innovations, to survive, live and thrive.

Creative minds in Latin America & the Caribbean are overcoming their deprivations with action. They are finding ways, loopholes. They are building themselves up and aiding her fellow citizens with the tools to do the same.

What is our excuse?

Maybe as Agatha Christie believed, the mother of invention is idleness and laziness. First-world problems leave us plenty of time for that. Click To Tweet

How to find inspiration in deprivation?

From simple to complex, it might go something like this:

  1. Learn about the creative industries around the world. As a result of their limitations, these creative entrepreneurs are applying innovation to solve problems that might feel local but impact the world.
  2. Practice Self-denial. Take some of your privileges away and see what bubbles to the surface. Use public transportation, go to the actual bank to pay bills, cut off from technology (for a couple of hours; a day if you’re a daredevil). Seems like nothing, ridiculously simple or superficial in comparison to “real” problems, but they’ll shift your mindset to do and accomplish more with less.
  3. Get out there! If you have the resources and a taste for adventure, visit some of these creative entrepreneurs; see and experience for yourself the daily deprivations of the people that benefit directly from their creative solutions. You’ll be amazed to see the levels of optimism, ingenuity, and hope that those who have so little else, have cultivated in spades.

For more on the topic of the creative economy stay tuned to upcoming videos at Gaba’s Vlog.

To learn about the IDB research on the Orange Economy in Latin America and the Caribbean, download the free resources below:

Orange Ecomony / Economia Naranja

The Orange Economy: An Infinite Opportunity


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