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I might be an author of written books, but I’m also a very visual person. I know the value of an image, be it on the cover of a book or inside a family album.

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Creativity for Lasting Memories

Our everyday life is filled with flashing moments, passing smiles, small discoveries. Those memories get so easily lost in the shuffle of our mind. Even those who were so fantastic at the time, moved right into oblivion; memories that were worth keeping forever.

Before I bum you down any further…We can do something about it!

Everyday life is a source of inspirationΒ 

As a creative, you can find an endless well of inspiration and emotions in simple, ordinary moments, but only if you have a system in place to record them.

  • You can keep a journal
  • Find a way to record your voice or create videos
  • Take, fill and digitize great pictures

I’ve been journaling from a very young age. I appreciate the few home movies we have and have begun to create my own videos on Gaba’s Vlog. But what I cherish the most and never get tired of seeing and rediscovering are photos. Old photo albums have evolved to suit the sophisticated images that our modern cameras provide. Now we can design, print and share beautiful, personalized photo books.

That’s one way to be both creative, efficient and effective as creatives. A great way to add a dose of simple, yet sophisticated creativity into our everyday life.

If that’s the kind of creative project you were looking for, check out Blurb, for high-quality photo books, trade books, wedding books and more.


This post contains affiliate links. We’ll generate a small commission if you decide to make a purchase after clicking on the links.

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