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As creatives, we are always hunting for new ideas. How can we generate these ideas organically?

I propose we start from the basic component of our verbal and written communications: Words

A new word is a new idea to help you think, to help you understand the thoughts of others, to help you express your own thoughts, to help you live a richer intellectual life. Norman Lewis-Word Power Made Easy Click To Tweet

If the word or concept we are looking for does not exist, we can create it!

Here are 3 ways to generate new ideas from words organically:

1.Widen Your View: which words are you missing by focusing too narrowly on what you already know?

2. Capture Your Words: where are you recording your new found words? Are you finding ways to incorporate them into your daily vocabulary?

3. Play with Your Words: how does it connect to the words you know? What new words or ideas does it lead to?

The size of your vocabulary varies directly with the degree to which you are growing intellectually. Norman Lewis-Word Power Made Easy Click To Tweet

Creative Confession: New Ideas do not spring from stagnant minds. Words, new words, and the concepts and perspective they lead to are what nurtures the soil of our creative potential.

Resource Mentioned & words quoted: Word Power Made Easy, by Norman Lewis.



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