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We’ve begun a new project toward which we are focusing all our creative effort. The unforeseen consequence will be less frequent posts and content shared on this site.

To lead a mindful business we have to give it our full attention, and for that reason, we must make the difficult choice to set aside other things, ideas, and projects.

To lead a mindful business we have to be the ones building the foundations, our hands should be the ones placing each and every stone, we have to do the work ourselves to know the work and love the work.

To lead a mindful business we have to see and accept our limitations with objectivity and adjust accordingly. We have to humble ourselves in the face of new unknowns and be ready to learn quickly and move past failures.

To lead a mindful business we have to be forgiving of those beginning failures and flaws, we have to keep our eye on the vision we have for the business, the vision we have for our lives, we have to try.

Also at the threshold of a new creative venture? Recommended reading: The Power of Positive Illusions.

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