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The democratization of media gives us a rainbow of options to paint our world with new ideas and innovative perspectives.

I’ve always been a fan of magazines, their colorful graphics, and unique format. The whole industry is one huge production machine. They plastered the walls of bookstores, stacked high on newspaper stands, they have filtered into our digital devices, they have come alive on Instagram.

We’re consumers of these explosions of color, fonts, fashion…why not add our brush stroke to the mix?

In my first serious blogging venture, I created a digital magazine for the first time. It took a lot of time and looked rough even after hours of work. I had to contact perfect strangers to write interesting pieces and curate information I thought would mix well with the theme and topic.

I would have liked to see and touch my magazine though…I guess that’s the old-school gal in me…I would like to have felt the coolness of the pages, the shiny bright colors, the glistening cover.

If you have that great digital project ready, why not see it in print? Still, at the threshold of the digital age, our other senses are craving a little attention.

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