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Sometimes creativity needs a nudge; one that pushes you from inaction into action.

As I mentioned on a self-publishing vlog, to overcome the hurdle of publication I needed to make things easy for me. Struggle is a powerful source of motivation. But for some creatives, like myself, and especially when you are starting out, obstacles, big or small, can take the wind from your sails.

I kept my own wind blowing by finding ways to streamline the process. I asked myself:

  • How can I reduce the level of resistance that this project generates?
  • Is there a tool or strategy I can implement to improve the flow of creative energy?
  • How can  I make the process efficient and effective, faster and simple?

If you are a creative beginner starting a new, daunting project in the face, streamlining the process will help you achieve the most important goal of all; take action.

If you are a seasoned creative, streamlining your creative process will be the best way to improve and re-invent yourself.

Technology is our friend.

It’s an ally, a partner and the intuitive resource that drives creativity forward.

Using the designing, editing, writing, publishing platforms and programs at our disposal is not cheating creativity. Other creatives made those tools with our industry and very same problem in mind. They came up with the solutions from which we can benefit.

By streamlining our creativity with technology we are part of the renewable cycle of creative synergy around the world. Click To Tweet

Routine is our friend.

We are working on a course about this central idea. The fact is that as creatives we do need structure, systems to organize our day, habits and rituals we can count on.

As creative entrepreneurs, we also streamline our creativity when we schedule time for development, experimentation, creation, testing, collaboration.

When we have systems in place that addresses the daily nuances of our projects it frees up space for the flexible flow of creativity itself.

Interested in some ideas about the power of routine? check my EzineArticle on the topic here.

Have an awesome streamline system or tech tool? Share a teaser for it below!



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