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It’s all about the doing. But I’m all about the thinking! or rather about the overthinking.

I could spend bottomless hours diving deeper and deeper into my own thoughts. Aimless contemplation has been a preferred pastime since childhood. I studied English Literature because it combined the luxury of reading, writing and thinking by myself for hours… but

Thinking is only the spark that should light the firecracker in our bee-hind...pluck us from that quiet contemplating spot on the mountain top and down the hill of doubt, fear, challenge, doing, growing. Click To Tweet

If there’s one thing I’m still thinking too long and hard about is developing my own online course, adding a visual delivery method to the nuggets of wisdom I share in this blog. I’ve tried the Youtube route. I began putting together a course on Udemy…by the time I finished I realized the topic was about to become obsolete.

The thing is, I’m currently a shepherd without a flock. A teacher without a classroom. And I don’t even need a physical room anymore. I can have the best of both worlds! Being at home, while sharing an evergreen experience with students spread all over.

What happened? Like many education majors, I went into education driven by pure and honest vocation. I wanted to communicate ideas, encourage others to think and do…make the world a better place, tra la la la la. Life took me on a different path. Life gave me an opportunity to get creative and apply my education and my vocation in a different setting, a different industry altogether. I came to that conclusion by thinking creatively.

Overthinking does accomplish a couple of things:

  • Stall and sabotage your personal and professional growth
  • Add more weight to your baggage of missed (maybe once in a lifetime) opportunities
  • Keep you adjacent to real life and real living, perched on your intellectual shelf.
  • Wasting time trying to untangle your mind from the loops of your own overthinking.

So, are you a fellow educator eager to share your own life-changing tidbits? Congrats! You and I can become the next gen of Educational Creatives taking part in the creative economy with the side hustle that fulfills our vocation while impacting others, our students, around the world.


I’m taking steps to cha-cha closer to this personal goal, why can’t you?… Is that an I can and I willThinkificI encourage you to start with me here: Create and Sell Online Courses Guide

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