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Striking the right balance between working on your personal growth and connecting through collaboration with others is the conundrum of the freelance creative.

The wave of co-working spaces, crowd-sourcing projects, and crowdfunding ideas is ultimately pulling us toward community, social interaction, outside spaces away from our own, other people away from ourselves.

Yes, we gain new perspectives to enhance our creativity from others.

Yes, we need to grow together. But we also need to retrieve, cultivate and protect a space to work and grow on our own.

Among the wonderful creative environments you’re working in, the creative communities you’re joining, the creative collaborations you’re enjoying, the throng of people and ideas you are connecting with, don’t forget to:

  • Find a space of your own. This is your workspace, your workshop, your office, a physical or mental space that belong only to you.
  • Expand your own mind. Classes are courses are great, but you don’t need the crowd to learn. You can engage in some at-home learning through platforms like CreativeLive. Let the learning come to you, on your time and your terms.
  • Enjoy in quiet and stillness. The rush of the crowd, the pull to be social, be out there can be energizing. But it needs to be balanced out with some alone time, moments of silence, moments of self-reflection.
  • Do what makes you happy. It is not selfish to want to do what makes us happy. Collaboration is worth taking part of when is mutually beneficial in some way to both parties. So engage in collaboration to add value to someone’s life doing something you love, but only if and when it makes you happy and fulfilled doing so.
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I toot the online learning horn because it hits all 4 personal growth requirements! So…

What’s on the creative learning agenda for September?

Here’s what’s on my list of On-Air classes to nibble on this month @Creativelive

  • Launch a Successful Podcast
  • Unstoppable: Inner Power for Entrepreneurs
  • How to Bring Your Brand to Life
  • Publishing for Creatives
  • Branding Essentials for Designers
  • Marketing for Crafters: Talk About Your Work
  • Blast Through Writer’s Block

Check out the complete class catalog and RSVP to your favorites for some personal growth time of your own.

**This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase using these links we’ll make a small commission. We only partner with and promote the products and services we believe in. We do not encourage any purchase that does not feel right to you, your budget or your creative entrepreneurial goals**

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