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Today is one of those days when you feel like getting all your bits and pieces together and going out the door. A day when whatever unknowns out there seems better than what’s in here. I get it. Today you might be feeling quitting is definitely the answer. Stop!

  • When emotions are running high and patience is running low, it’s not time to quit.
  • When everything around you starts to get on your nerves, your palms are sweaty, your mind is foggy and you’re eyeing for the door, trust me, it’s not time to quit.

Quitting has such a bad rep, it has the color of shame and failure smeared all over. But sometimes, quitting is not just the right thing but the smart thing to do.

Staying put when we’ve given it our all and got nothing to show for, or worst yet, when we’re hurting mentally, emotionally or physically is neither right nor smart.

But let’s go back to today.

Yes, it’s been a pretty awful day, week, month, and maybe your instincts are correct, yet before quitting, let’s put ourselves in a neutral mindset.

Your emotions are valid, your mind is made, sure it’d feel awesome to just stand up and run screaming out the door, but what you need now is the strategy, the plan. Because, if you only have a bag full of emotions and no plan, it’s not time to quit.

Quitting is not an escape, it's a strategy that fits your long-term goals and life dreams. You quit something now in order to move on to the next chapter of your life's journey. Click To Tweet

Quitting Because You Feel Bad JuJu All Around

Anger, hate, frustration, and disillusionment will be part of the endurance sport that is your career. Even the highly aspired dream job has its ups and downs. Once you get there it will not be all peaches and cream. New bigger problems and stress will replace the old. What are you going to do then?

The moments when you find yourself inevitably down are not the best moments to make long-term decisions. These negative emotions may be coming from outside or inside yourself, from the people and the environment around you or from your own unfulfilled dreams.

No matter the source of the bad juju, you need to assess whether it is something that you can control. If not, today is not the day for quitting, it’s the day to start planning your way out.

Quitting When There’s No Much of You Left to Go

Working your body and mind to its limits leaves little mental capacity to think objectively and make decisions. If you don’t set limits for yourself now, at this job, why would you be able to do any different at the next?

  • Maybe this job, this time and place is the opportunity you need to get your work-life paradigm sorted out.
  • Perhaps this is the moment to learn and incorporate some best working practices for your self.
  • What if this is the space to uncover the interests, skills, and creativity that will define you for the years to come.

Quitting When is Not The Best for Your Brand

When you think of yourself as a brand and the head person in charge of making your brand shine, you’ll be less inclined to do something that goes against your authentic self and more strategic about your life and career.

Quitting at the drop of a hat will simply not look good for your brand, it will not look good on a resume or CV. It will not cultivate the right relationships and references you need once you knock on that next door.

Harness The Power of Fear.

You should not fear the decision to quit or quitting itself, you should be cautious about the consequences of doing it for the wrong reasons and in the wrong way. More often than not, that fear and anxiety you feel come from lack of a plan.

The fact is, your exit strategy is as important as your welcome party, and sometimes it’s even more crucial. Is that last impression you will leave on the people who will get the call from your next employer, your future clients.

Back to Neutral

I want you to leave you stressing the importance of neutrality. If we’re leaning to one side or the other of our own emotional spectrum the decisions we make may suffer for it.

  • You have control of your life and career.
  • You can steer your ship to the next best opportunity. No one can take that away from you.
  • You assert this power over your journey by being strategic.

By finding a way to reach a point of neutrality, where things can be seen more clearly, creativity will show you the next best step you can take. Tomorrow.

Do you feel like quitting today? Unpack all those feeling in a comment below!

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