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The waiting game is the one we play when we stick to dreams and do nothing. You don’t have to wait until all planets align. You just have to align your mind with your goal and say f-this, let’s go!

I want to be a blogger, so I am.

I see other bloggers out there, posting pictures of themselves against the backdrop of their very curated apartments. Maybe they’re blogging from the Maldives…staring at me with their financially independent Gucci glasses…I’m nothing like that…but I’m not bitter.

If I want to be a blogger I just need to blog. If I want to be a writer I just need to keep writing.

And what if you want to be an astronaut?

I bet you can find a creative way to do it too. The first step is to stop with the waiting game and moved from the dreaming game to the strategic game. Here’s how to be an astronaut:

  • Step 1: You start being an astronaut the moment you decide to be one.
  • Step 2: You take the work with strides. If you have the engineering, science, physics or math degree, that’s a plus, but if you don’t, you can. It all depends on how much you want something, and how many bites you can take to eat the whole cake.
  • Step 3: You can generate the 3 years of related professional experience even as you work on your degree. And if you have that degree now and are working on something that has nothing to do with flight and space, pivot, pivot now! start shifting gears through a part-time or volunteering gig.
  • Step 4: You must get your body ready for the long-duration physical test. Glass-wearer? don’t matter, put them on to get that 20/20 eyesight.
  • Step 5: Finally, the coveted leadership, teamwork, and communication skills you need in space are just as important to master right here on earth.

Congrats you’re an astronaut!

Of course, is not as simple as this.

Your path might not be as straightforward. But, along the way, you will be adding new pieces to your astronaut identity. You will find new opportunities to design the life you want, thinking yourself an astronaut from day one. And once you fully embrace the opportunity to explore your passion and gain purpose, will it really matter if you ever go to space? Will it really matter if you even work at NASA?

Now go out there and reach your stars 😉

P.S: if you really want to be an astronaut, let me spur you further. Check this official NASA link and get those requirements stacking.

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