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Creative leaders need to find assertive ways to communicate their vision.

No matter how innovative or game-changing an idea might be, if it comes out of us poorly expressed it will lay flat on the floor, it will not reach the emotional core of our audience or engage its intellect or curiosity in any way. Communication skills are a must.

No matter how visionary a project might be, if its badly designed and presented it will not only be shelved and forgotten, it might even have a negative impact on the future of the creative economy and orange economy that we are part of as creative entrepreneurs.

As our industry grows, the stakes are higher for effective verbal and non-verbal communication. It becomes our prerogative to as creatives to develop the right interpersonal skills, the right vocabulary, the right body language, to take our creative potential further and turn our ideas, visions, and projects into the reality that can change lives and the world.

Introverts & Extroverts: Poor communication doesn’t discriminate.

No matter how comfortable you feel around people, strangers, family or friends, a few or a crowd, in a new and unfamiliar situation. Being an extrovert by nature does not make you a good communicator, as being generally more introvert does not mean you lack communication skills. We communicate all the time, whether we’re talking aloud or not. And so we have to learn and practice how to do it better.

At the end of the day is not about us or our ego, it’s about the idea and vision that goes beyond ourselves. We might believe we should let our creation speak for itself, and in many ways, it should, it should at least say something…but it cannot say it all. And it won’t say anything at all to anybody if we don’t pitch and promote, if we don’t take the lead and make the connection, with our team, partner, audience, reader, influencer.

CreativeLive has a varied catalog of communication-related classes.

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Communicate like a boss. Join me in an upcoming class!

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