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Who doesn’t want a good excuse to take a road trip, search for a weekend getaway or a summer escapade? What better opportunity to create memories and be inspired by the adventure and the people you share it with?

Whether we travel far and wide or simply reach the other side of our neighborhood, we open ourselves to a new experience, perspective, feel the surge of inspiration from new sights, sounds, tastes, company. We take out our camera, we snap away, we share on Instagram and grow the visual board of a wanderlust all our own.

A Gift & A Curse

Thanks to our portable technology most of our beautiful pictures stay hidden away though. Where the joy of spending endless hours flipping through photo albums go? It cannot swell up those many wonderful creative feelings.

I might be old-school, old-fashioned, plain old… of a generation that still holds a greater regard to the experience of touching, to physical things imbued with meaning. Maybe we should never lose that.

When I visit my parent’s home, a personal ritual of mine is to take a few photo albums and go over their lives and mine. These are old, battered albums, the pictures tattering on the verge of obliteration by dust, pests, time… Some albums from my childhood I never got the chance to see and touch again. Yet the sensory experience was such I can still feel and see the images etched in my memory.

The Good News

The photo album is being transformed. Now it’s called a photo book, with our digital images as central pieces of their beautiful content, words that add personal context, a gift for the next generation.

Now our wanderlust can be an inspired memento, a source for personal creation.

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