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One of my weekly self-care rituals involves me, my mat, my block, my tablet and the guiding voice of Adriene. I show up to Yoga and it gives back to me.

The value I gain from showing up, following the movements as best I can and listening to her inspirational words makes Yoga With Adriene a simple and free gift to myself.

Every day I find myself being surprised, feeling joy and being reassured by the ways in which the Universe works. It has this knack for ushering into our lives the thing we need most, when we needed most, even if we’re still unaware of this need ourselves.

Yoga and meditation are two things I needed when I found the Yoga With Adriene YouTube community. I wanted to move my body with purpose, add the elements of flexibility and intentionality into my life. It so happens that those things are intertwined with a yoga practice, along with some other things I think we need as artists, writers, creatives in any industry or at any level; self-compassion, self-love, kindness, stillness, silence, deep breaths.

Saying Yes to Yoga means:

  • Opening ourselves up to new experiences.
  • Challenging our bodies out of our comfort zones.
  • Testing and expanding the limits of patience with ourselves.
  • Connecting with the source of our creative energy in a safe, intimate environment.
  • Giving ourselves permission to try and fail, do and succeed, stop and unravel our bodies and our minds.

When we say Yes to yoga we (work hard) to quiet down the inner critic, (work harder) to silence the inner judge, (continually) choose to do something to care for the creative flame. Seated in clobber’s pose or standing tall in mountain pose, stretching in warrior, we can embody the essence of these things, remember the humanity that inhabits our soul, celebrate the whole person that we are.

I truly enjoy the time at gift myself at the mat. Like Adriene gently reminds us at the beginning of each session, the hardest part is showing up. In that moment and by that action alone we are exercising the muscle of willpower, we are achieving a small personal victory that will start our day with positivity and purpose. That’s the muscle we need to keep flexible and strong, to create and keep creating; the life we want, the better world for all.

If you are looking to integrate a yoga practice into your creative routine, why not start with a Yoga for Creativity session? I did it this morning & added it to my playlist!


Spread the love

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