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You might be able to do it all. You might be a writer who also draws, and has a handle on graphic design. But if you are like me, and you don’t want to wait until your own skills as an illustrator improve before sharing a story with the world, collaboration is power.

It Takes a Village

Illustrators all over the world, in platforms like Fiverr and others alike, are waiting for meaningful projects; to practice, to test themselves, and enjoy the boost of energy that comes from creative work and collaboration.

If you wait to do it all, or to know it all before you start taking action, you may be waiting forever.

Why is there Power in Collaboration?

  • It shatters all obstacles to achieving what we want.
  • Puts things in motion.
  • Creates connections and sparks inspiration.

Best of all, collaboration generates creative synergy, in a cycle of renewal that nurtures and empowers the creative universe.

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Part of this post was originally published in my other site gabrielagotay.com in 03/17.

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