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You build your creative path one mindful stone at a time. Sometimes you will have to build your path over difficult terrain, and each stone must be manifested from the sand.

As we sometimes do when we listen to our favorite Youtubers for inspiration, yesterday we wrote down an interesting word: Manifesting.

One of the definitions of manifest from dictionary.com is “To make clear or evident to the eye or understanding.”

The law of attraction has been the central theme of many books, talks, seminars. The moment you understand that that which we put out into the universe is what we attract to us, it makes sense.

The quality of our thoughts has a significant influence on our lives.

“Whether you think we can or you can’t, you are right.” Henry Ford

As we think about what we want, we move towards it, we are open to new opportunities to attain it, we are actively looking, and so, we find.

We declare our intention to be creative and live a creative life with every thought and every action.

Negative, lazy, self-defeating, dis-empowering thoughts breed their own kind of action. They are paralyzing, self-sabotaging, unproductive. They keep you from moving forward, shut down your intrinsic motivation.

Positive, energized, creative, self-empowering thoughts manifest your willingness to work for your dreams, fight for a chance to prove yourself to yourself and reach your definition of success. They open doors, window, lift you over the hedge.

The question above could be re-stated as: What are you thinking? 

Your answer will shine a light on the kind of road you’re building for yourself. Is every stone a creative work of personal art in itself? Is the path winding forward toward your personal purpose?



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