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I consume great quantities of content on a daily basis…pretty normal. But after a while, I realized, instead of feeling energized and inspired, I was feeling drained and exhausted!

How am I working on striking the right balance between consuming content and creating?

  1. Doing a better job at keeping negative, unnecessary content at bay.
  2. Focusing on content that is positive, inspiring, thought-provoking.
  3. Curating content mindfully.
  4. Finding something to do. Scheduling time away from research and fun content-browsing.

Ready access to media, information, and entertainment is awesome. But as creative, we can feel stumped and overwhelmed. I did. I felt paralyzed. The antidote is action.

Today’s creative confession won’t be much of a revelation: We are all creatives! We are capable of making great things, big or small.

so, go and do something, make something now!

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