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The 9.5 things I like and the 1 thing I hate!

What I like about creativity -light bulb

Here’s the deal, there’re more than 9.5 things I like about creativity, but I wanted to challenge myself to pick only 9 and a half. Let’s see what comes out of this little exercise.

One day I was sitting around with nothing to do and I asked myself: what do I like about creativity?

Creativity is Liberating

That’s the first thing I thought. It gives you an excuse to try new things, go to new places, wear a different style, go for an experimental haircut.

Creativity is Empowering

When you engage with creativity you are in every sense a “creator” bringing forth something new and (possibly) unique.

The creative energy running through your body gives you strength, clarity and a beautiful sense of control over the world you are creating.

Creativity is Fun

Plain and simple. It’s an invitation to play and be playful, makeup rules or toss them all together, reconnect with your inner child and the basic elements of life.

Through it, the child within you finds there’s very little you need to be happy and have fun.

Creativity is Diverse

No two people are creative in the same way. The creative energy that flows and shines through you is yours alone. It’s yours to wield or yours to waste.

"Creativity is a transformative force that can impact you, but also create change in society." – Prof. G Tweet Me

Creativity is an Adventure

When you let yourself step in its way, jump into its flow, it will carry you away into the unknown territories of your mind. It’s the adventure you take with very little luggage (and possibly a lot of baggage)

(To see the next 4.5 reasons why I like it scroll further down)

Story Break: What do I dislike (hate) about it?

Creativity is like a sweet little Gremlin. Not a regular pet at all, One that must be handled with uber care. You have to know and be clear about its feeding time, and feed it you must!

If not, it becomes a hideous, dangerous creature that will quickly turn against you, haunt your nightmares.

Back to what I like…

what are the 9.5 things I like about creativity

Creativity is a Process

Even if, as humans, we are all primed to be creative, one way or another, no creation comes without action. Achieving a creative result is not possible if you don’t do anything.

The process may begin in your mind, with an idea or aha moment! But then it has to be followed by the doing.

Sometimes you may feel like it just sprung out of you with any effort on your part, but that’s not accurate, because…

Creativity is a Habit

You can (and should) make it part of your everyday life (remember what I said above about the hideous gremlin?)

You must take time and make room for it in your mind, your heart, your home, your daily routine. This might sound so un-creative but you must “schedule” it in your calendar.

Goodreads: The Creative Habit

Creativity is Self-expression

Being creative is about communicating another, much deeper dimension of your self. It might not be what you (or anybody else) expected, it might be scary, angry, even ugly.

But whatever comes out, it’s yours, to see, know, understand, and nurture…which brings me to the next thing I like about creativity…

Creativity is Self-love

When you embrace your creative self and engage with the act of creation in your ordinary life, you are sending loving signals to yourself.

Being creative is a way of saying to yourself you are ultimately Okay! You have a purpose, you have worth, you add value to this world and a unique perspective.

Creativity is the way we tell and share our story, by the way, we live and “create” our lives every day by the act of living with purpose.

Creativity is the way we solve problems (ours or of the people around us.) It is finding those meaningful solutions.

Have I missed something?…

Oh! Yes….last but not least, we have reached my “point 5.”


Imagination is the soul sister of creativity.

It all starts there, in the mind…not the rational mind, the mind that sees no limits in logic or reason, the mind that sees beyond what is, the mind that wants to create a better world, a better life, the better self.

“Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.” ― Robin S. Sharma. Tweet Me

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This topic is one that inspires me every day.

I want you to dig deep into your own creative soul and reflect on the relationship you have with it.

  • Are you letting it be a key component of your life?
  • What do you like and dislike about your creative journey?
  • Do you get the feeling you’re not being as creative as you could be?
  • How are you being (and acting) creatively every day?

Pick your favorite question and share your two cents with me below!

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