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Yes! I believe there is such a thing as healthy competition.

As creatives we are the product before anything else we create, we must brand ourselves.

Outside competition can work as a point of reference. Inside competition, as a source of intrinsic motivation.

Here are 7 ways in which we can develop our skills for healthy competition:

  • Focus on You
  • Do better, Be better
  • Relax, learn, have fun
  • Focus on personal wins/milestones
  • Stop the cycle of comparisons
  • Practice Self-compassion and Kindness
  • Do not take things at face value, look deeper

The best competitors are those humble enough to accept their failed attempts, improve and try again, without putting anyone down, including themselves.

What have you learned from your biggest competition?

Creative Confession: The best competitor you will ever need is the version of you from yesterday.


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