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Are you overlooking the power of being a creative writer?

Creative side hustle ideas abound. For many years I neglect to look into them to explore my passions and ended up feeling an uncomfortable frustration that came from within.

Unexplored passions have a way to manifest themselves. They come out as stress, dissatisfaction, lack of focus or energy, negativity, sometimes as nasty pimples. Click To Tweet

If you are a writer having any or all of those strong emotional reactions, this post is for you.

The activity of creative writing is already primed to lean toward the side hustle. We are independent creators and we have a skill that was, is and will ever be in vogue: content.

Based on what I’m doing as a creative writer and what I’d like to incorporate more into my personal brand strategy…

Here’s my round up of creative side hustle ideas for writers:


  • Tutoring English (or the language you know and can teach)
  • Teaching Online (anything from creative writing itself to journal writing, grammar, copy writing for media, etc)
  • Translating and transcribing.
  • Proofreading and editing.
  • Ghostwriting and content writing. (Fiverr)

Classes to get the freelancing juices flowing:

Smart PR for Artists & Entrepreneurs Class at CreativeLive
Build a Successful Creative Blog Course at CreativeLive

Passive Income

Classes to get the passive income growing:

Driving Traffic to Your Online Business with Neil Patel
Podcast Storytelling Classes at CreativeLive

Diversified Streams

  • Notary Public Services
  • Virtual Assistance Services
  • Social Media Managing Services (content)
  • Resume Writing Services

Classes to get the streams flowing:

Online Social Media Classes
Online Business Basics Classes

Want even more ideas to turn into creative side hustles? Check out the growing list-post at SideHustleNation.com

Final thought about creative side hustles.

They don’t have to be kept a secret.

The important thing is to show your commitment to your current employer with the responsibility and professionalism you carry yourself with and the quality of your work.

A happy employee makes for a better team player, a better service provider. There are many things a regular 9-5 work cannot provide. Why should you stay with your arms crossed and resigned to that fate?

Which creative side hustle are you must proud of (to date) for having undertaken?

**This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase using these links we’ll make a small commission. We only partner with and promote the products and services we believe in. We do not encourage any purchase that does not feel right to you, your budget or your creative entrepreneurial goals**

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