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Lacking a positive attitude @ work? Let me be completely honest and bold. The problem is not your job.

Your job is just part of the scenery where the story of your life unfolds. And just like any other activity or situation, the way you face it and embrace it is what ultimately makes the biggest difference. Click To Tweet

The first steps toward a positive attitude at work:

Shifting Perspectives

How do you see your job and your role there has everything to do with how you feel when you are there; about the job and about yourself.

Facing our job with a positive attitude can actually change the nature of the job, but to find that positivity we must choose to see our job for more than what it sometimes is. That’s when you need to dig into your bag of creativity.

Using Your Creativity

At first glance, your job might feel meaningless and pointless. I’m reminded of the scenes from The Office when time must find a way to be filled from 9 to 5, where nothing they do seems to actually matter or make a difference. And we all intrinsically want that.

I’m want to empower you by saying you can create meaning and purpose in your job, and that’s actually the only way to get it. Meaning and purpose do not come from a title or a role, or with the amount of money you get paid (though that’s undeniably important too)

True meaning comes from a sense of self-worth. Personal meaning comes when we do a job, we do it well, we feel intrinsic pride in the job itself, we see it as part of a bigger picture. You can do that with a little creativity.

Embracing Wabi Sabi

The concept of Wabi Sabi has truly shaken my occidental frame of mind. Realizing that the world is imperfect and things, situation and ourselves are impermanent things has felt liberating.

Imperfection and impermanence might seem like negative things, yet, the alternative that we have been to taught to aim for is simply impossible. Even something that falls under the banner of perfection now can stop being or feeling perfect tomorrow.

  • Accept that your job is imperfect. You can only work with what you have.
  • Understand that any job or circumstance is impermanent, everything is subject to change.

Focus on Gratitude

Positivity comes naturally when we express and feel gratitude for what we have. A little reflection will make you see how lucky you are to have this job when so many other people are struggling to find one.

Think about the people who travel each day to jobs far away, jobs that are hard on their bodies, jobs that take them away from their families, jobs that don’t put much money on the table.

It’s not about comparing your life to other people’s lives, in other parts of the world. It’s about putting your own job in perspective. If it’s not that bad, to begin with, you have the power to make it better.

I invite you to incorporate these concepts into your life. You will see how your attitude about your work improves, your relationships at work will also improve, and you’ll be more open to seeing, opt-in and taking new opportunities for your career growth.

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