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Have you made an upgrade to your value proposition lately?

Your value proposition is what you add to your workplace, to your team and your personal brand.

The only way you grow and elevate this intrinsic value is through self-improvement and education.

We can gain access to new perspectives and participate with highly qualified teachers and students around the world through online learning.

Platforms like CreativeLive are built for the creative professional or anyone else for that matter who wants to improve and acquire new skills from home or on the go.

These courses might not be considered formal education, but they don’t have to be. What they offer though is a window to interact with new information, discover new subjects and add to our bag of resources.

As professionals, the value of our brand grows with the skills, tools, and ideas we can bring to the table. Click To Tweet

These are some of the online classes that can truly inspire that growth:

If you are curious about these or other topics, in or outside your current field, CreativeLive On-Air classes are a great way to start.

With so many creative subjects to chose from, there’s no limit to how far your personal value and brand can stretch.

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**This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase using these links we’ll make a small commission. We only partner with and promote the products and services we believe in. We do not encourage any purchase that does not feel right to you, your budget or your creative entrepreneurial goals**

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