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One of the philosophies that form the bedrock of everything we do and share on this site is that creativity is a habit.

When we manifest that creativity through the way we do what we do, the way we say what we say, we dress how we dress, we interact with our environment and everyone in it and bring forth the individual perspective, color and flavor each of us contains within.

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Creativity for us is as essential as the air we breathe. For generations, maybe from the very awakening of human expression, there’ve been factions of resistance. Some people have a difficult time working creativity around their paradigms. Having and showing a creative impulse seems to run against the rules they’ve set for society. Over and over again creativity has been kicked, undervalued and underappreciated.

We must show with relentless enthusiasm just how creative life can be.

Creativity is something that as millennials we’ve incorporated as a cornerstone of our shared identity as a generation.

We love and respect innovation and innovative thinking. Value artistic expression. Products with beauty and functionality. We are now in a position to spearhead the creative movement, and show creativity is an asset for all industries, all career paths, all lifestyles.

Sometimes adulating can suck creativity right out of our souls. Even the most creative among us need a boost of energy and perspective, a dose of inspiration.

Here’re 3 simple ways to embrace creativity as a daily habit and reboot it whenever is feeling low:

  1. Personal Style. If you find creativity weaning, the way you dress can help. The challenge is to find new and creative ways to use the clothes you already own but adding an unexpected touch. Combine textures, colors, and patterns. Revisit those items at the back of your closet, add a punch of color. Maybe your current style needs an emergency edit. If what you have in your wardrobe feels out of date and out of touch with the person you’ve become and your personal brand, begin a purging process (at the pace that best fits you) and move in a new inspiring direction.
  2. Personal Growth. Keeping your learning agenda updated is another way to embrace creativity as a habit. Challenging yourself to learn something new, practice a new skill or expand your knowledge on a topic you love is a simple way to let creativity flow into your life.
  3. Personal Space. Cleaning and organizing your personal living space and personal working space is not just therapeutic but a private and purposeful creative activity. The things we see around us can inspire or drain our creativity. They can also provide an opportunity to be creative in the way we clean, and the way we design our working and living spaces. By the simple act of moving your furniture around (ask for help!), changing the pictures inside the frames, displaying said pictures, adding personal and unexpected touches to our surrounding we are being creative. It’s not for anybody else, only for us.

Additional Ideas:

Explore your city, town, neighborhood, make it a creative ritual to visit a new park, attend a new local event or drive/bike/walk through a different street. Take a different route to work at least once a week. Stop at the store or market and really spend time walking around with awareness, touching and smelling the produce (do not poke or bruise!), really engage with your environment using all your senses. Start journaling these short adventures and collect the ideas that these new experiences will inevitably open up.

How do you incorporate creativity as a habit in your life? Share with me @Creative_Atelier on IG 😉


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