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Write that book and print it too.

Yes! you use that book to promote yourself, your brand, your business, what you are about and what you hope to accomplish. You give your book as a digital download and feel pretty happy not having to haul physical books around. But why not print your book?

There’s still something a physical book can give that no digital download might: Prove of concept in the hands of your audience.

A book becomes another limb to you, a piece you break off from your heart to gift somebody else. You gift them the time and effort it took to string those ideas together. You gift them the thoughts and breakthroughs you poured over the pages.

A beautiful book is a timeless gift that says and keeps many things besides the words written inside. Click To Tweet

As creatives, we are all eager to say something. We want to communicate. So, why not print your book and spread the word through a tangible gift?

Once again we encourage creatives to retain control and flexibility to self-publishing their first book. This is the best way to learn the process first hand, something particularly important if you later decide to outsource this to a publisher.

If you are at all curious about printing your first book and having that tangible proof of concept to take to that next client meeting, pop-up or follower’s meet up, Blurb might be a fun platform to experiment with.

Ready to jump the gun this week? You can take advantage of Blurb’s 40% off with code: BIG4T

(Offer valid through Oct 18th)

Have you printed your first book lately? Share a pic or link in the comments!

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