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An authentic love letter to myself,

Today might be the worst possible day to ask yourself the question: What is your authentic love. Or maybe the most appropriate. Because, on this day you feel vulnerable and ready to stay on the surface of your feelings. Dare to dip your head under.

Authentic Love might feel very ethereal, intangible and unsubstantial. Why should it be the driver of your life? Because, love is the connecting tissue between what you do and what you dream.

You can love many things and let many things love you back.

Today, all around you will find images of the kind of love is colorful and fun but lacks authenticity. The hearts, the flowers and chocolates are a distraction. You must find your own daily celebration of love, through self-discovery, self-assertion, through doing good and manifesting this overarching feeling of love through living a hole and authentic life.

Loving yourself and your life is the gateway to personal transformation.

In this journey to authentic love, you must start with you. Appreciate all your intricacies, your eccentricities, your strengths and weakness.

You must understand love is life and life is a journey.

  • Be patient and kind with yourself.
  • Try to find and learn something new everyday.
  • Embrace new challenges as ways to make these discoveries.
  • Forgive yourself first and practice forgiving others just as quickly.
  • Step into any situation, difficult conversation, with love in your mind and in your heart.
  • Let love filter every other emotion or reaction out.

The authentic love you seek is there to be found. The things you do, the passions you cultivate, the love you get back are all part of the intimate puzzle that must start being put together within.

Go give yourself that daily dose of love you so need and deserve! It might come in the form of compassion, forgiveness, patience, nourishing. Love is the emotion that contains, transforms and self-generates.

Go generate some today!


Spread the love

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