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Workdays can drag on in passive lethargy or pass by swiftly in action and flow. And to fuel your workflow there’s nothing like harnessing the power of a personal passion.

A personal passion can be work itself, but more often than not, as employees, we feel lacking. Work, on its own, doesn’t always seem to provide the intrinsic fulfillment life is all about. Most work and workplaces lack creativity, despite most employer’s better efforts.

We must take charge of the overall experience of ordinary life we lead. The money they pay us at work will never be enough. And even the most satisfying and fulfilling, well-paid job and the passion we put in it need to have a source of fuel apart from it. Work is only a part of the picture that is your life.

What we need is to engage our curiosity. Even the journey of discovery can ignite our soul and provide a sense of joy that will trickle down and nourish all other areas of your life.

  1. Find Your Personal Passion: this requires introspection and soul searching. You may have to go back to your childhood or youth, to the activities that gave you joy and the moments where you felt playful, creative, alive..
  2. Give Your Passion Permission: this requires for you to take complete command over your personal happiness. Once you find the activity that gives you an intrinsic sense of joy, it’s within your power, and actually your responsibility, to pursue it. (find out how in #3)
  3. Give Your Passion Priority aka Time and Space: this requires for you to set the boundaries and the rules. The activities, objectives and goals.
  4. Allow Your Passion to Grow and Change: your passion is the activity that brings you joy and sets in motion an intrinsic sense of flow in the present moment. If your passion shifts, shift with it. You can explore as many passions as you feel drawn to, as long as they give you joy. The pursuit of a passion and a purpose (happiness) is the reward itself.
  5. Bring Your Passion to Work: this is the main goal behind this whole pursue of personal passion. It will find a way to filter back into your work, the work you do to get pay and have the security necessary for passions to be discovered and pursue in exchange. Passions outside work should be seen as fuel for workflow in this way. They give each of us a sense of individuality, authenticity and creativity. The assert our humanity and the value we offer to the world, beyond a paycheck, beyond a resume.

Below you’ll find a list of curated reading recommendations and top classes to cut right to it and get started.



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